Chef Carmela D'Amore loves her Trattoria

Chef Talk: Carmela and her Sorrento Trattoria

“That’s where I am now, building one step at a time, I want to touch one person at a time through my cooking, my travel tours, the lessons. For Sicilians, food is medicine, love, life… where’s the roast dinners now? It was that smell of good food cooking that permeated the whole neighbourhood – it was an epic era that we need to awaken again”

Keith Ancker Chefs Circle

Chef Talk: Keith Ancker

Keith Ancker originally posted this on a Facebook Group – Chef’s Circle, and I loved his full on story of what his life’s been behind the pass. Now he’s moving on, and giving bouquets and brickbats to those from his past. Keith is in the USA, so for those Australians among us, some of the terms will be strange. But it’s worth the read, trust me. And I haven’t taken out the language… it’s how it is.