From the Archives: Straight to the Source

Tawnya Bahr delivers by going straight to the source. It’s a revelation. With growing business Straight To The Source firmly under her belt, Tawnya Bahr continues to uncover new opportunities and ways of providing that all important link between producers and market.  It’s that paddock to plate connection with food’s provenance that has become vital to any…


From the archive: Hilton Port Moresby and a different world

For such a big hotel chain, opening the Hilton Port Moresby in time for the huge Asia/Pacific conference and getting the staff ready for an influx of international dignitaries was a big ask. Paul and Kirsten were up for it, and curious to see the land that’s been so under the radar for so long. Vertiginous green landscapes are just the beginning. Read on for how it played out: